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  The Simple Truth

Excerpts From The Monthly Messages From Spirit

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My Soul Takes A Peek leads you on a wonderful journey of discovery and it will help you to change your perception of who you are. This book will help you to see more clearly why you are creating the experiences you are having now and the experiences you have had in the past. It will help you to create the experiences you truly wish to have.

This book will help you to solve the greatest mystery in your life and that is who am I, why am I here, and what is my purpose in life. These are questions we have asked ourselves to answer during this lifetime. So many human beings are searching outside of themselves for the answers to these questions when in reality the answers to these questions are already within you.

My Soul Takes A Peek is about the choices I have made and the choices that all of you are making or will have to make during this lifetime. The choices I have made have brought to me more peace, joy, happiness, prosperity, abundance, and love than I could ever imagine possible. It is my greatest hope and wish that this book will help you to understand choices you have made in the past and more clearly see the choices that are available to you right now and in the future. CLICK HERE TO ORDER MY BOOK.



Maintain more peace, joy, happiness, prosperity, and abundance during this lifetime.

We are all here on a spiritual journey of growth and every experience we have had, are having, or will have is an opportunity for growth. This knowing is within all of us. The Universal Law of Cause and Effect is what determines the experiences we are creating for ourselves. Through understanding Cause and Effect you will more clearly see what you are creating and why you are creating it. I have developed what I call “Seven Formulas For Life.” These “Seven Formulas For Life”, because of their simplicity, are designed to help all people to understand Cause, Effect, and the Creation that is brought forth from this. This book contains my experiences, the six workshops that I teach, and many other of my teachings. I give you many tools to help you navigate through this lifetime with less difficulty and maintain more peace, joy, happiness, prosperity, and abundance during this lifetime. These are our true wishes and desires for ourselves and for others. This book is about love, hope, Faith, and Consciousness. It is time now that we all reawaken to our Soul, to who we truly are, and this book will help you to accomplish this. Please read the Press Release about my book by clicking here and if you wish to read some excerpts from this book or to order this book click here: THE LIGHT THAT SHINES THROUGH

Brenda and I are happy to announce that we have added a new section to this site. It is called Monthly Messages From Spirit. These are messages from spirit full of hope, love, and knowledge for all to hear. To read these messages click here: Monthly Messages

While you are visiting our website please be sure to check out Lillie Mae's Crafts. It is full of beautiful products that are handmade by Brenda.  Doll patterns, wreaths, home décor, and more, my craft patterns are designed for experienced crafters as well as the beginner and are fun and quick to put together. 

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My name is Bob Greenwalt and my wife's name is Brenda and our Life Plan is to teach the world about "The Simple Truth". Not only are we to teach you the Simple Truth but we are also to teach you how you can find this Truth for yourself. In the following pages will be information and knowledge that we have received from Mother God. Father God, the Holy Spirit, Jesus, Mother Mary, our Spirit Guides, and the Archangels.

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Many people are already beginning to reawaken to this Simple Truth. The Simple Truth is Mother God, Father God, and the Holy Spirit love you and you love Mother God, Father God, and the Holy Spirit. This knowledge is within each and every one of us, it is within our soul. When you look within yourself to your soul you will find this Truth.  Our goal is to teach you how to find your soul within and communicate with your Spirit Guides, the Archangels, Jesus, Mother Mary, Mother God, and Father God. This can all be accomplished if you are willing to open yourself up to it. You have to want this to happen. You have to be willing to put a little time and effort in to this but believe me when I say that you will look at your time here on earth in a whole new light.

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This site is all about LOVE because this is what Mother God and Father God are all about. We are all God's children, their light of creation, and we are all deserving of their love. This love that Mother God and Father God have for all of us is always present inside each and every one of us. Of all of the lessons we are here on earth to learn, love is probably the most important lesson for us to learn. We must learn to love ourselves and to love others.

Brenda and I feel very strongly that if you follow our teachings and listen to the Truths that have been given to us from our Spirit Guides, the Archangels, Jesus, Mother Mary, Mother God, Father God, and the Holy Spirit that you will find the same peace and happiness that we have found. Brenda and I want everyone to know and feel the presence of this guidance and love that is there for everyone. We are all here to perfect our souls for God and we are all here to learn our lessons, let us do it with the intent of love and nothing else.

Brenda and I have performed speaking engagements for groups and churches in Indiana. We have also given messages from spirit for these groups and churches. If your group or church is located in Indiana and you would like for us to be guest speakers or give messages from spirit, please contact us via email. 

Please visit our Spiritual Forum. If you have a question you want answered or you have a comment to add, please do so with the intent of love.

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